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Donate to Saprea on Social Media

Small efforts make a big impact when you give on social media. Not only does donating on a social platform send a powerful message to your friends about the importance of fighting against sexual abuse, it also provides critical funds that help keep our services free for survivors.

Whether you want to add a sticker to your Instagram stories, donate your birthday on Facebook, or host a live stream fundraiser, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


Fundraise for Survivors on Facebook

You’ve probably seen dozens of people on Facebook starting fundraisers to support various causes they’re passionate about. Susan, a survivor who previously attended the Saprea Retreat, is one of those people. Each year, she donates her birthday to Saprea by hosting a Facebook fundraiser and asking her friends for donations in lieu of gifts.

“For me, it’s celebrating the little girl that is now free to be who she wants to be, who was never able to be that person, I can be that girl now.”

—Susan, Survivor and Supporter

Fundraising on Facebook is simple

You can choose your goal, the length of your fundraiser, and customize its appearance. Facebook collects all the donations, so you won’t have to worry about handling any money or reporting anything to us.

That can also be as simple as asking for donations in your Facebook Story. Stories disappear in just 24 hours, making this a great option if you want to fundraise on a single day.

Use Your Instagram Influence to Fight Against Sexual Abuse

Kirstynn Evans, a survivor who attended the Saprea Retreat in 2017, wanted to do something to “pay it forward” to fellow survivors.

Kirstynn decided to use her business, Nora’s Macarons, to create awareness and raise money for Saprea. She launched an Instagram fundraiser during the month of April to support  Saprea’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign and was able to raise more than $10,000!

“I wasn’t expecting to come out a changed person, but I did, and I was able to launch my life into something more beautiful, more creative, more colorful, more joyous, and more hopeful than I could have ever imagined,”

Kirstynn, Survivor, Supporter, and Owner of Nora’s Macarons

Starting an Instagram fundraiser can be done quickly
and takes only a few simple steps

You can choose your goal amount and select how long you want to fundraise. Instagram will collect any donations you receive, so you won’t have to worry about handling any money or doing any complicated reporting.

You can also add a donation sticker to any Instagram story you post. Stories disappear in just 24 hours, making this an excellent low-maintenance option for fundraising. Next time you post a selfie wearing a piece of merch from our store, consider adding a donation sticker to your story!

Stream for Charity on Twitch or YouTube

Joel and Sharon Smith recognized the power the Twitch community has to make an impact in the fight against child sexual abuse. The couple decided to turn their gaming hobby into a fundraising opportunity by hosting a 24-hour livestream event. They called it “Gaming for #NoMore1in4,” and were able to reach hundreds of viewers during their event.

More than 70 supporters donated to their campaign, and they were able to raise $2,700 during the event.


Twitch offers two native methods you can use if you’re a Twitch Affiliate or Partner:

  1. Subscriptions. These allow people to subscribe to your channel as a paid member. You could donate a portion of subscription fees to Saprea.
  2. Twitch Bits. People can use Twitch’s built-in currency to donate to your stream using the cheer command in your Twitch chat room. You could donate a portion of the “cheers” you receive during your streams.

Not an Affiliate or Partner but still want to fundraise on Twitch? Try using a third-party service like PayPal to accept donations.

Learn more on the twitch help platform
Give back on Youtube

YouTube Giving allows certain creators to support the causes they care most about by adding donation buttons to their videos or streams. Viewers can then donate directly on the video, or in the live chat. If your YouTube channel has more than 10,000 subscribers, this could be a fun option for you!

Learn more on the Youtube help platform

Stream for the Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse With Tiltify

Whether you’re a gamer, creator, or artist, you can harness the power of your community to fundraise for Saprea.

That’s exactly what Joel and Sharon Smith did—the couple turned their passion for gaming into a livestream fundraiser benefitting Saprea. In just 24 hours, they raised close to $3,000 for the fight against child sexual abuse and its impacts.