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I Was Able to See My Beauty


For many years, 11 to be exact, I thought I had overcome my abuse and it wasn’t something I needed help with. Some of my triggers have come up over the course of the past year and the abuse was haunting me. I became a very angry person again and hurt the ones I loved most. When I lost the love of my life because of my anger, I knew I needed to face the demons that I had pushed off for so long. 

I was lucky enough to hear someone else’s story about their experience at the Saprea Retreat. That moment I knew it was my time to go. I applied first and then told my aunt that I was taking the plunge to get help and become a better version of myself. She was so supportive, and I think relieved that I was finally going to seek help for myself to become healed. 

The next two weeks went so fast as I awaited the day I was flying to Utah for my new beginning of life. I felt so many emotions that day and I wasn’t even sure if I was going to go through with it. Boy, was I sure happy and blessed that I followed through with the healing that I sought. Within the last week, I have learned that I am a survivor. I am not disgusting. It is NOT my fault. I am beautiful. 

Getting the tools I needed to be able to continue life without anger is more than I could ever ask for. In just four short days, I was able to overcome my anger and feel happiness. I was able to see my beauty and know what I have to offer. 

-Ashley, Survivor