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I Will Make the Most of Every Minute and Every Day


I am a survivor! I was abused at a very young age for years at a time. Growing up I was not aware of this because my brain chose to block out the memories to protect me. These locked memories and feelings manifested themselves into multiple identities. 

At 22, I started to have serious symptoms; such as black outs, time loss, and my family started to see my identities come out. I was a young single mom at the time, and this was a terrifying experience. I was determined to find out the problem and the cause of it. I was then diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Due to my trauma my mind created six versions of myself to cope with the tragedy and the life I was not able to handle. I then began extensive therapy and the memories of my rape at 17 and my four years of childhood sexual abuse came back like a raging flood. 

After two stays at a wonderful mental health rehab in California, and extensive full-time self-discovery work, group therapy, and one-on-one therapy; I was able to start to maintain a productive, independent life again. 

In the past six years I have raised a beautiful son, and discovered terrifying things about my past, healed, learned to feel, love myself, love others, and love life. I still struggle with PTSD and bipolar disorder, but due to hard work and determination my multiple identities have been integrated into one person. 

This is the first time I have ever shared my story. I hope that others will be inspired or be able to relate to my story. I am so happy to be living this beautiful life regardless of the tragic things I have been through. My abuser damaged so many parts of me and stole years of my life, so now I refuse to lay down. I will stand up; I will make the most of every minute and every day. 

I will fight for myself and my life. I will thrive and enjoy the beauty of this life. I hope that others are able to do the same! 

-Samantha, Survivor