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Saprea > Survivor Stories > Like the Kintsugi Bowl, I Am Being Restored


Like the Kintsugi Bowl, I Am Being Restored


I believed that I was to remain the way I was. That I would always be the little, incompetent, damaged person. I felt like a little girl in an adult body. I would forever remain broken and useless. Now I realize that by taking the steps toward recovery and attending the Saprea Retreat, I am not only buying more assurance to stay away from alcohol but healing that little girl who was so horribly damaged – through no fault of her own. I can now take her by the hand and go back through the stages of growing up. I will be the adult, protecting her; teaching her; loving her; and valuing her as the deserving little girl that she was. I have faith that someday I can integrate the adult me and child me into one whole person who knows that her value is great. Just like the kintsugi bowl, I am being restored. 

-Janet, Survivor