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Felt Human and Worthy at Retreat


When filling out the form to go to the Saprea Retreat, I thought, “Yeah, maybe someday they’ll pick me, maybe I’ll go.” I was called in a week and they wanted me to attend the following week. A whirlwind of emotions surrounded me. No one except my husband even knew the struggles. I had hidden it under so many levels for so many years. 

I am 47 years old, when I was 10, I realized the abuse was not normal and stopped going to my grandparent’s house. From ages 10 to 47, so many layers of bricks and so many rocks in my heart had been assembled. It took so much courage to even board the plane from Ohio and realize where I was going and why! 

I would’ve never have guessed the healing that could take place! The Saprea Retreat gave me peace. The counselors made me feel human and worthy. The other ladies who attended were so welcoming. Just knowing that we shared trauma brought us so close. I made lifelong friends, a support system that I’ve never had. The growth and the acceptance of myself has made such a difference in how I carry myself and those boulders that held me back are now mere rubble that I can foresee will one day be sand. 

-Stacie, Survivor