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I Felt Rejuvenated at the Saprea Retreat


Nineteen years after my trauma, the effects of PTSD had manifested and I felt like I’d completely lost control. I was fortunate to start my healing with a therapist in 2016. However, I needed more, but I didn’t know what I needed. 

Thanks to social media, I heard about the Saprea Retreat. I saw a video of Shelaine Maxfield talking about the retreat, and I immediately felt like I should attend. I applied and I feel so blessed that I was offered a spot. 

For me, the experience at the retreat is indescribable. Because much of the retreat focuses on educating survivors, I was able to learn what happens to survivors of childhood and adolescent sexual trauma. Honestly, knowledge really is power. I am empowered by what I learned about my brain and my body. I learned coping skills and gained confidence. I realized I’m not alone. The experiences and presentations offered so many chances to discover more about myself and to heal. 

I felt rejuvenated by the peace at the retreat, although I was apprehensive to attend, I immediately felt comfortable and safe. The staff was so caring and genuinely kind. This retreat helped me accept who I am; my story. With the knowledge gained there, I feel eager to continue down the path of healing. 

I am forever grateful for the friendships I made with women from all over the world. We are survivors. I felt closer to these women in a day than I have with people in a very long time. We are a sisterhood of survivors! 

I feel confident. I love me! I haven’t been able to say that for a very long time. I am a survivor. I am reclaiming hope. I am strong, beautiful, and worthy of love and happiness! 

-Andrea, Survivor